#Naples: Registration are open for the Italian course

Deadline: March16, 6pm

Course goal: intermediate level (A2/B1).

Required basic level: A1

Period: every Monday from March to June, from 4 to 7 p.m.

Number admitted: 15

Location: Municipal Library “G. Andreoli,” Rione Luzzatti (NA) Line 2 Station Gianturco

The course is aimed at foreigners aged 18 and over, who are temporarily or permanently living in Naples and want to improve their language skills.

The course starts from the study and analysis of the texts of author Elena Ferrante’s “The Brilliant Friend” with the aim of enhancing the participants’ language skills and bringing them closer to the story of the “Andreoli” library in Rione Luzzatti, the place we find in Ferrante’s story.

Italian Course Perife-Biblio