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No, it does not provide accommodation.

They take place in Villa Doria D’Angri, floor 1.

Please visit the ADISU parthenope web site or contact them by email : or

Via A.Depretis, 114 – 80133 NAPOLI
TEL: 0817810060, 0815520327
FAX: 0815520327

Open from Monday to Friday (09.00-13.00)

  • Academic year

the accademic year is generally divided in two semesters, the first starts at the beginnig of October and ends in February, while the second semester starts at the beginning of March and ends in July. Each semester lasts 20 weeks and it includes the exam sessions.

  • Lessons

The lessons include theory, seminars, laboratory activities and practical training. All the activities take place in University facilities. Students are required to attend the lessons and to take up a serious individual learning commitment to prepare for their exams.

  • Exams

Each subject in the student’s planning has a final written/oral exam. There are different dates to sit the exam. Each student has a right to refuse a mark if he is not satisfied with his performance.

Evaluation Scale

For each exam the pass mark is 18, while the top mark is 30. If your exam is excellent the professor can decide to give you a merit awarding you with the mark 30 cum laude. The final graduation mark takes into account the average mark of all your exams, of the dissertation you produce and of your final graduation presentation. The graduation commitee can award a maximum mark of 110/100 cum laude.

  • The following is the link to the University of Naples “Parthenope” web site:

  • But if you are a foreign student you should look also at the MIUR requirements below:

If you want to contact other students you might be interested in AIESEC Napoli Parthenope

2° Piano Università degli Studi di Napoli “Parthenope”, Via Acton 38, 80133, Napoli – Italy

tel: +39 081 547 56 39

No, Italian law does not allow students with student visa to start any working activity.