The Università degli Studi di Napoli “Parthenope” is very pleased to welcome the Erasmus+ Incoming Students.

On this page you will find useful information about your stay at our University.

We thank you for having chosen our University to spend an important period of your life and we wish you to enjoy it!

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After being officially nominated by their Home institution, prospective Erasmus students can fill the application form our website

Upon arrival in Naples students are requested to report to the Servizi Internazionalizzazione e Comunicazione Linguistica Office (Via Acton, 38 80133 Napoli – Italia) bringing the following documents:

  • copy of the application form

  • Official certificate of Nomination (in original)

  • Passport copy or other valid ID

  • 2 passport size photos

  • Copy of the European Health Insurance card or equivalent

If you are NON-EU students:

Non-EU students must also held A VALID PASSPORT and, if required, A VISA.

If the Erasmus exchange period exceeds three months, it’s mandatory to apply for a residence permit for study purposes (Permesso di soggiorno per motivi di studio) within 8 days from the arrival in Italy.

Please note that NON EU students will be not permitted to enroll and TAKE EXAMS without the resident permit.

For further information, please see the information on visas.


1st semester and whole year nominations June,15th

submission of the application form July 31st

2nd semester nominations October, 30th

submission of the application form November, 30th

The Learning agreement must be signed by both Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinators ( Home and receiving Institution), whose names and email addresses are listed in the relevant section: Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinators email addresses.

EU citizens

Students from EU countries or from the European Economic Area Countries (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland DO NOT require a visa, but if their stay exceeds 90 days they must register with the Ufficio Anagrafe at the city hall where they intend to reside. They must register within 3 months of their arrival in Italy and obtain a residence certificate, “certificato di residenza”.

To ask them how to apply, we suggest to send an email to the following address

NON-EU citizens

Non-EU students must held A VALID PASSPORT and, if required, A VISA.

If the Erasmus exchange period exceeds three months, it’s mandatory to apply for a residence permit for study purposes (Permesso di soggiorno per motivi di studio).within 8 days from the arrival in Italy.

The residence permit is issued by the local Police Department- “Questura – Ufficio Stranieri”. Nearest competent Post Office:

Via Galileo Ferraris, 131 Napoli

For information about how to apply for a residence permit, visit

For further information, visit in English or

EU citizens must have the European Health Insurance Card. Please, check its validity before your departure, because of medical services may vary across nations.

Non-EU citizens must show proof of coverage by health insurance.

By air
Naples’ international airport -Aereoporto Internazionale di Napoli (Capodichino)- is 7km or 20mins from Stazione Centrale (rail station).

Transfer between Naples Airport and the City centre
Alibus shuttle
From Naples’ international airport to Stazione Centrale (Piazza Garibaldi) and Piazza Municipio (near the hydrofoils and cruises port) website
Buses leave every 20 mins, 6.30am to 11.30pm, daily. Return buses leave Piazza Municipio from 6am to 12.12am daily.

A taxi to central Naples should cost around €12.50 (plus 50¢ for each piece of luggage in the boot).

By rail
The Railway Station Stazione Centrale connects the city to the main capital of Italy through the High-Speed line (Alta Velocità). Piazza Garibaldi station (two levels below the main station), is used by some long-distance services as well as metro. For train information and bookings, contact Trenitalia or Italo train.
Trenitalia Webpage Italo Webpage

By bus
Most long-distance buses arrive at and depart from Piazza Garibaldi. Autolinee Ferrari (aka CLP) runs to cities in Campania, in other parts of Italy and in continental Europe (081 251 4157, CTP (800 200 114, 081 700 1111, 081 700 5104, and
SITA (081 752 7337, 089 386 6711, serve destinations around Naples and Southern Italy, as well as Tuscany and the Veneto.

Public transport
To get around Naples

For the enrolment procedures and the issue of the certificate of the arrival it’s mandatory to go to the Servizi per l’Internazionalizzazione e la Comunicazione Linguistica office bringing the identity card or passportand others document as specified above and, if required, the residence permit in original – or its request receipt- to get the certificate of arrival.

The Student Administration Team will send you the matriculation number by email.

Please note that NON EU students will be not permitted to enroll without the resident permit.

Please visit our international site Teaching section and our Orientation and tutoring service website

Generally, the academic year runs from the end of September and the end of May. Teaching activities are divided into two semesters: from September to January and from March to May.

Half–term holidays are at Christmas and Easter.

For detailed information about the academic calendar please visit each departmental websites:

Italian is the language of instruction although some courses are held in English.

Exams are given orally but, in some cases, they also include a written test.

Check the relevant departmental website for courses content and exam schedules.

Carabinieri 112

Police 113

Red Cross – ASL Napoli 1 (ambulance free of charge) 081.7528282/0696/0850

Fire-brigade 115 Road Aid (ACI) 116

Traffic Police 081.5954111 Post Office – information 160

Railway station (Ferrovie dello Stato) 1478 88088

Main European Consulates in Naples

AUSTRIA, corso Umberto I, 275 081.287724

BELGIUM, via A. Depretis, 78 081.5510535

DENMARK, p.le Stazione Marittima (inside the harbour) 081.5512211 FINLAND, p.le Stazione Marittima (inside the harbour) 081.5512211 FRANCE, piazza della Repubblica, 2 081.7612275 – 081.5980702/3 GERMANY, via Crispi, 69/1 081.7613393

GREECE, viale Gramsci, 5 081.7611075 – 081.7611243

ISLAND, via Petrarca, 93/9 081.5752108 LUXEMBOURG, via C. Colombo, 45 081.5525619

NORWAY, p.le Stazione Marittima 081.5512211 NETHERLANDS, via A. Depretis, 114 081.5513003

PORTUGAL, via Nardones, 118 081.413540

GREAT BRITAIN, via Crispi, 122 081.663511 – 081.681101/17 SPAIN, via dei Mille, 40 081 411157 – 081.414115

SWEDEN, via Toledo, 156 081.5512852